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Four Amazing Maltese Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

These Maltese Instagram accounts are proof that Malta is a truly mesmerising destination.

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The Best Movies Shot in Malta

Explore this photogenic island and scout the locations from your favourite films.

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Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Malta

Welcome the new year in spectacular style with our guide to the best events and locations in Malta.

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Going Out: A Guide to Malta Nightlife

Wherever you're staying on the archipelago, there's a great night out to be found. Plan yours with our handy guide.

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The Most Beautiful Vineyards in Malta

With over 2,000 of viticultural heritage, Malta is becoming a winemaking country to watch, despite being one of the smallest in Europe.

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8 Top Outdoor Restaurants in Malta

Thinking of dining alfresco during your stay? Here are our favourite 8 open-air restaurants in Malta.

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10 Incredible Historic Sites in Malta

From Roman ruins to ancient early burial chambers, join us in discovering some of the most sacred and primal ancient sites in Malta.

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Malta with the kids

From ancient Roman ruins, to national parks and mysterious underground dungeons, here are our recommendations if you’re travelling to Malta with kids.

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A practical guide to the most historic wine bars in Malta

Take your cue from the Knights of St John and sip a local vintage in stunning historical locations and pretty Trattorias.

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A Guide to Running in Malta

Take on one of these runs and see a different side of Malta - your efforts will be rewarded with stunning views.

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Seven Amazing Caves in Malta

Malta is as surprising at face value as it is underground. Here is a selection of some of the most impressive caves in Malta.

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A closer look at the best dive sites in Malta

Thinking about taking the plunge during your stay in Malta? We’ve suited up and given it a go, and these are the places we loved the most.

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Let’s go fishing in Malta

Set in the heart of the Mediterranean, with a hefty dose of seafood on most menus, it should come as no surprise that Malta is considered as one of Europe’s foremost fishing destinations.

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An insider’s guide to Malta’s hidden beaches

If you’re looking to get away from it all during your stay in Malta, here’s our inside guide to the island’s most secluded beaches.

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Alternative Sightseeing Tours in Malta

This year it’s all about setting out on undiscovered paths and discovering wonderful locations that make Malta unique.

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Malta from Above: A Bird’s-Eye View of the Mediterranean Archipelago

Malta is already beautiful from the ground, but there’s nothing quite like a bird’s-eye view of the islands. From microlight gliders to parasailing over St George’s Bay, there are several ways to admire Malta from above.

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Things to do this Summer in Malta 2018

Summer in Malta is the most eventful time of the year, bringing together both locals and tourists in a flurry of colour and festivities.

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